Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A walk in the park...

So i went round my cousin's today for the day. I filmed alot of the day. yet. I dont have that video. We didnt finish it. It was the first time i'd tried using a tripod to film too. I need to get one of those. They're damn helpful.

Click here for the quicktime version.

We went for a walk around a nature park or something. It was nice. But because i stopped to film some things they'd walked on, So i had to run to catch up with them. So you pretty much hear me out of breath throughout this short video.

On a weird side note, I've been getting one 'Link me?' email a day for the last 4 days. I guess people only just noticed that was there. Just a reminder. If you want me to link you. tell me the link of your page AND the title of it. I'll add a normal blog catagory later.
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LOL! I know that feeling, I really know that feeling...
Blogger Richard BF, at 4:34 pm  
was you out of breath walking? get fit, go more
Blogger barrons17, at 2:39 am  

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