Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Trying Ovaltine

Am i the only one who think that video blogger's videos can be pretty damn Influential on the viewers. For example, a few days ago I watched this video by Ryanne and i've been meaning to try ovaltine since and today i watched Richard's 'Rights of Passage Cooking' Video and i had the killer urge for pancakes after that. (I ended up making an omelette instead...not by mistake though)

Click here for the quicktime version.

Today, I watched a bunch of video blogs. I don't normally watch them. Because im normally busy making my own. I was kinda blown away by how good some of them were. It makes me wish i could just post videos when i have something great, instead of posting everyday.

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posted by Ian at 11:48 pm


Hard to believe I"m the first comment on that post. That was fucking hysterical.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:49 am  
when the camera faced away fromwhat you were doing, it seemed like you were trying to murder the ovaltine
Blogger nicole, at 5:54 am  
you're killing me! too funny!
Blogger Markus Sandy, at 6:01 am  
Wow... I don't think it was supposed to be rock solid!! lol..

I didn't know sugar is another name for sheeps and tea for pigs!

What is ovaltine anyway?? like Milo?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:38 am  
usually you are supposed to drink ovaltine with milk.
so it probably tasted gross
usually it's good.
i swear...
Blogger ryanne, at 7:24 pm  
It said hot water on the side...

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 7:27 pm  

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