Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The light bulb isn't on.

Ok, today. Im completely out of ideas. I really cant think of anything to film. Actually. that's a lie. I can. but i cant film most of the things on my own. here's a video pretty much explaining what i just said for the people who only watch my videos.

Click here for the quicktime version.

I've been messing around with mobile video all day. I feel like you could do alot with it. who knows what i'll come up with for that.
posted by Ian at 11:11 pm


i want you to cry.
Blogger Jay Dedman, at 3:37 am  
stumbled upon your site through some people i kinda sorta know in ny... Your site is one of the best ive seen simply because you have a sort of structure to work within.. A great art practice that you can use in the future.. It doesnt really matter what your doing only that your doing something.. and your only 17 Wish i were as dedicated to making art when i was your age... I have kinda been doing a vlogg for sometime but have not really posted it too my site.. http://www.crispinwebb.com
thought you might have a look

I have some ideas for you.. if

teach us how you tie your shoes..
make a video of still frame self portraits.. ... you will find new ways of communicating ideas..

interview someone.. about the weather..
or something you care nothing about...
you could take a sound track from something else and lay it over a video .. expand your ideas a little...

anyway dont want to be too critical.. i know i like hearing peoples.. ideas..

that is what drives my work

Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:45 am  

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