Monday, April 25, 2005

Internet Fact #1

I tried to make video today using 2 videos in one. But because it took quite a long time to edit. (I was switching between like 3 different programs to make this.) It didnt turn out perfect. But it does show off a pretty nice effect that i learnt to do today.

Click here for the quicktime version.

The quicktime version will be up a little later. It's now up.

You'll probably notice a mistake all the way through the video too. I did know about it. but it would have taken ages to get rid of.
posted by Ian at 11:26 pm


when i see people on webcam, they say lol or lmao and they not even laughing for real. it is stupid it has lost its true meaning. very kool with the layers aswell
Blogger barrons17, at 12:23 am  
Blogger Richard BF, at 3:06 am  
lol is justifiable in rare moments, when something is actually funny. but its become so cliche that if you use it right you have to note that you actually laughed out loud if you dont wanna sound dumb.

lmao is just ridiculous.

Blogger Phil Hamilton, at 3:20 am  
Hehehe - great effect! Works well.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:15 am  
Great effect dude. I think this would be a good way o demo software too. Of course, you make it fun.
Blogger Markus Sandy, at 3:44 pm  
Overlaying the video of you with the screen capture was a neat take on the IM conversation.

Nathan Peters
Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:53 pm  
yeah i like the half and half vid
really smart ian
Blogger ryanne, at 5:38 am  

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