Monday, April 11, 2005


I just watched the finished version of todays video and im just wondering to myself 'how the hell do i come up with this stuff?'. Most of my videos are just so weird/lame/stupidly random...But i suppose if i have to make a video everyday im gonna come up with this kinda stuff.

Click here for the quicktime version.

the quicktime version will be up late... It's Up.
posted by Ian at 11:40 pm


So your did all that and now you've lost 10 mins of your life. How stupid, but a good idea, like it!
Blogger Fulch, at 3:40 pm  
but, isn't the future right now, just in front of us?

past - present - future. Now I write something - there! Another 10 seconds appeared! Gaaaahhhggg!

I am in the future-

hold on

it's still the now!

I can never get to the future, man! Never! And neither can you.

mwahahahhaa. Stuck in the present you are, sucker!
Blogger dltq, at 10:24 am  
you little bitch moaning about the cold
Blogger barrons17, at 2:25 am  

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