Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ask Ian #4

So I finally sorted the problem. All i had to do was restart the computer.

Click here for the quicktime version.

Get emailing in for next week's video now! Click here to email me.

Oh and i set this video to show up on the 24th (at 11.59pm) instead of the 25th because i dont want to use this video as an excuse not to post a new video for the 25th.
posted by Ian at 11:59 pm


Cool, I like this!
I didn't think your video's were 'lame' :)

hm, about the rip off, I wonder what else gets on Ian's nerves?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:15 pm  
you drinkin the watermade me laugh. i dont know why.
Blogger barrons17, at 12:31 am  
holy shit
you just said your birthday was june 9th?
there are a lot of geminis videoblogging.
me, verdi, jay, you
who else????
geminis will take over the world
Blogger ryanne, at 5:29 am  

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