Monday, April 04, 2005

Ask Ian 3

So i found out if i record a video on to my computer for more the 3 minutes. it messes up. so im gonna do ask ian 3 in parts. i'll add the other part later. i thought something is better then nothing.

Click here for the quicktime version.
posted by Ian at 1:17 am


way to be...i've tried completely giving up soda and it didnt work very well.

good luck
Blogger Phil Hamilton, at 5:23 am  
you did it!
no soda til next year
you will be so happy i swear it.

your hard drive is probably really full right now. so empty it out and burn all your vids onto dvd and then defragment your drive.
should help...i dont know how to defrag a pc, but someone on the yahoo list must.
Blogger ryanne, at 9:57 pm  

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