Sunday, April 10, 2005

The 100th Day!

So today is my 100th day on this project. So what did i do...

Click here for the quicktime version.

i might have the quicktime version up soon. It's up.
posted by Ian at 11:50 pm


Hi Ian.
I really liked this video. I found it quite funny. Honestly -- did the cake taste any good at all?
Congrats on 100 videos in The 05 Project!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:57 am  
Hey Blair.
The cake was actually pretty damn good. I thought it would be terrible as i didnt stick to that recipe at all. I actually smashed one of the eggs on the side by mistake. So i only used one and a half eggs for it instead of the 6 it told me to use..

That icing stuff i used for the numbering on the other hand was terrible. It tasted stale. That was the only downside.

Thanks for commenting!

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 1:09 am  
i loved this video
i found it cathardic to watch you make a cake.
can i have a piece.
i'm going to e-mail you my address
i better get one.
Blogger ryanne, at 3:10 am  
Ian, that was amazing!

I was thinking 'how sad :( nobody was there to share the cake with you' *tears in eyes* but then I realized it you technically shared it with whoever watches :)

Congrats on the 100th and good luck for the rest! I'll be watching!!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:29 am  
i loved the way you said
Everyone throws parties but I"M MAKING A CAKE!"
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:08 am  
Ian...I have serious admiration for what you're doing with the 05 project. It ain't easy making and posting a video a day, mostly by yourself...of course there is the occasional lame video, but that goes with it, creativity, life, etc. And at least you admit it when they're lame...most don't. Keep up the kick ass work! And please note, I said occasionally lame...
Blogger bottomunion, at 8:22 pm  
happy 100 Ian.
will the last video end in your death?
Blogger Jay Dedman, at 4:27 pm  

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