Monday, March 07, 2005

Whoops, I got side-tracked...

So today, Im trying to complete a game i rented out before it has to be back. So i've been kinda sidetracked for the last 5/6 you do.
I only had 30 minutes to do this. yeah...I almost failed this project because of a video game. Sorry...It's a great game.

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posted by Ian at 11:46 pm


never apologize
Blogger ryanne, at 3:44 am  
its a COMPUTER game...keep it real...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:38 pm  
It's a Video Game. It's played on a tv. Not a PC.
Blogger Ian, at 6:00 pm  
a computer is something that analyzes/reads information fed into it, thus, not just a P.C as games consoles do this aswell..
Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:10 pm  
Blah. I have no idea. You're most likely right. Im still confused if a 'video game' is the same thing.

Most people say either.

Thanks for commenting.

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 10:49 pm  
the game is the best thing since sliced bread

Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:56 pm  

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