Tuesday, March 15, 2005

TechNo Idea?

It's bound to happen a few times during the project. Im out of ideas that i can do within the time limit i have to post this. So...this is the best i can come up with.
Im really looking forward to sunday's Ask Ian. I have actually got a few questions to do now. But that doesnt mean you can stop sending in some questions. If you want me to answer a question for you. Get emailing! Click here to email me a question! Thanks to everyone who sent in a question so far. Come back on sunday and see if your is read out. (this doesnt mean, i wont ever read out your question. If i get 40 questions, I'll have to break them up over the episodes. hell, if this really takes off, i might have to do another episode on another day of the week. wacky. If your wondering about the song used in the video. I know it seems kinda weird at first. but after listening to it once. I get the urge to listen to it again. Thanks Kai for telling me about it.

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kool song

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