Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Just Wondering...

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posted by Ian at 12:14 am


Hi Ian!

I'm watching. I'm a video-blogger wanna be in Portland, Oregon. I think your commitment to a video a day is a fantastic way to show & explore what you are made of... And if you don't consider yourself persistant, dedicated, and tenacious now, you will have proven that to yourself (and everyone else) by the end of this project. No woman will ever be able to accuse you of being afraid of commitment! And you have the proof in the can!

Anyway, I'm sure it can be had to think of ideas for vlog entries. It's okay that not every vid is stellar. So what? Show me any year that has every day as stellar.

My girlfriend watches, too. We have you on our ANT feeds. We'd love to see more of life in the UK.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:52 pm  
We're ALL watching Ian!
Blogger Zadi, at 5:47 am  
I love your videos, Ian. The flaming initials thing was way cool! I have huge respect for anyone who'd take on doing something every single day. The only thing I manage to do every single day is stay alive, so kudos to you! Best of luck, and don't give up and deprive me of my daily entertainment. :-)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:35 am  
I watch, but I come back like once a week and get a weeks worth of video's! your videos are fun ian, keep it up :)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:53 pm  

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