Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Im taking a break.

Ok, So i'm fed up of the internet right now. I just wanna quit going on, but because of this project I have to. I'm feeling kinda weird right now. It's like i dont know what to do. I feel i really need a break. But then again, it doesnt feel like that will do much.
I'm not messing about. this is real. I thought it'd be good to capture, So i can look back on this later in the year. I'm taking a break off the internet for a week. I'll still post my videos and respond to emails, but you wont find me on any messenger program.

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posted by Ian at 8:40 pm


this is my favorite one so far.
be honest throught this whole thing.
i think im going to take a break from some parts of the net too.
must be in the air.
need to focus on what's imporatnt.
Blogger Jay Dedman, at 7:02 am  
It's good that you're fed up. Now comes the breakthrough.
Blogger Zadi, at 9:30 am  
Buck up Ian. You've got another 10 months of posting video. Forget the internet, and shoot and post video...simplify it a bit.
Blogger bottomunion, at 11:11 am  
yoyo gangsta u should do more video on your feeling on stuff to get it out of your system
Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:37 pm  
yeah me too.
i'm not checking the email for a bit
it's just too much.
make video
post it
lets talk on video.
Blogger ryanne, at 12:40 am  
i no what u mean ian, i get the same feelin every few months,
this is like Internet Anonymous, for the Internet junkie trying to get out!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:10 am  

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