Thursday, March 24, 2005

Im Dying...My Hair.

So today i decided to dye my hair black, well. blue black. This is what happened and how it turned out.
I just realised i cant do another goth video for like 2 weeks now as i have to wait for my hair to be the right lengh. damn. Im going away for the weekend. So until i get back, Michael Verdi will be posting my videos. I asked Ryanne to watch over this place as well. just incase something goes wrong. see ya monday.


posted by Ian at 10:50 pm


you dont trust me with your blog?
Blogger Jay Dedman, at 7:45 am  
omg.. you are so sad.. but yu brightenedup our english lesson.
yu silly silly male.. males shudnt die there hair enless its a primary colour.. eg red but no red please.. blue or yellow... no no yellow.. orange or green is acceptable..
you are silly
and we dont like you
go away and get a life..
also move out as it seems you are living with your parents still...
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:52 am  

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