Sunday, March 06, 2005

Frozen Spidey

Im not sure what happened to my plans today, but it looks like they're in pieces. So here's the video that continues on from what i did yesterday.
That's all. (this is the last spidey video for a while. im sure some of you hate these videos)


posted by Ian at 10:33 pm


IM GOING TO KILL YOU AND EAT YOUR BABIES! thats how much i like your videos. i own the whole collection!

Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:28 pm  
i like the smashing part the best, is tomorrows vid called spidey puddle?
Blogger ryanne, at 12:02 am  
Of course this is the last spidey blog. You KILLED him!!! Poor, poor Spidey. Where is Pyro when you need him? (I know Spidey's not an X-men, but don't they like, work together?) :)
Blogger Zadi, at 2:23 am  
haha. he isnt dead yet. The last one would be setting him on fire. I dont wanna do that for a while though.
Blogger Ian, at 3:41 am  
You are a madman and must never be stopped!

The day Spidey is set on fire - that will be a special day. A right of passage.
Blogger Chuck Olsen, at 8:12 am  
Spider-man is a resilient little guy. I think he can take whatever you dish out (and I'll keep watching whatever it is you do to him).
Blogger Sharyn Morrow, at 12:57 pm  

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