Saturday, March 05, 2005

Freezing Spidey

So i thought i've already boiled him, so why dont i freeze him aswell. I only thought of doing this today because i was bored. I dont have a hobby of freezing stuffed toys.
I'll post the results up either later or early tomorrow morning. I feel pretty creative today. I have 2 more ideas for videos today. So i might go film them now. I have an idea for an 'Ask Ian' thing. Where people could send in questions and stuff and i'll just answer it. I'll probably do it every sunday, as sunday is the day im normally working on stuff for college on monday. (Yeah, I normally leave everything to the last minute. I guess i work better under pressure.) So if you want to know my option on something, just email me with the subject 'Ask Ian' and i'll respond in my video on sunday. Oh and im kinda blown away by the comments for the last video. I havent even put up the quicktime version yet. (Damn my computer) Thanks for commenting.


posted by Ian at 9:55 pm


ha ha ha
see you try to be all scientific and it just turns out funny.
Blogger ryanne, at 11:58 pm  
p.s. you need a goddamn tripod kid.
Blogger ryanne, at 11:59 pm  

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