Friday, March 18, 2005

Feel's Like Summer.

I've been planning to go to sleep since 6pm. But i couldnt because i had to do a video. Also, I have to stay up til 12pm as i have to go out then anyway.
Tomorrow should be an good day. If you havent submitted questions for sunday's Ask Ian yet. Get emailing! I have more then enough to do one video. But it'd be great to get more. Click here to email me a question!

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posted by Ian at 11:11 pm


ASK IAN- Ian i think your cousin Ricky is a sexy beast!! I think you should include him in some more of your videos? Have you got anymore videos lined up for ricky to appear in? From - Gemma
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:43 pm  
Hey Ian, i noticed you are wearing your college I.D badge in the video haha. Didnt see the sun tan though.
Blogger Fulch, at 6:03 pm  

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