Monday, March 21, 2005

A Fair Test...

Im all about fair testing and this video just proves how fair i am.
I got service pack 2 last night. So that means i now have movie maker 2.0, So now i can do tons of things that i couldnt do before. Like slow downs and speed ups. I can even add text over the videos. you maybe thinking this is basic stuff. well i didnt have this before. So it's a big thing for me. I've also noticed the video is better quality too. This'll do until i get a mac. Im gonna try and post a reworked verison of ask ian #2 tomorrow or maybe even tonight. It should clear up that sick misunderstanding.


posted by Ian at 10:40 pm


oh my god senior im watching this from mexico and that was crazy. are my eyes deciving me or did that apple take longer to hit the floor before the banana?? aghhhh i thought everything takes the same amount of time to hit the floor what ever the wieght is... is it because im watching in mexico?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:31 am  
Man, its like the banana is made out of granite!! What is going on here! :)
I liked that one, creative :)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:05 am  
Ish crazy things I've been seeing lately! I recently saw a video, where someone's scrambled eggs jumped from their plate back into the frying pan! It was amazing, I blame it on quantum physics.... perhaps the apple was delayed due to its quark connections with its universe-relative's beyond our space-time continuum! Incredible!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:14 am  

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