Thursday, March 03, 2005


So i was going to do a better video today, but i decided it was too dark outside to do it. So im using this video instead.
It seems some people thought my last video was either great or that it was my actual LAST video. Im not giving up this project. Also, I think it will be intresting to look back on these kinda videos at the end of this year. Blogs are ok for reading back and seeing how you were feeling then, But videos actually show how you were feeling then. After posting that mini adventures video the other day with the terrible attempted australian accent, I thought i would be getting hate mail for months. So far, no hate mail. But Richard did make this [Dead Link] for me. He redid the video. In a real australian accent. That was really cool of him to do so.


posted by Ian at 11:33 pm


i know you cant imagine having kids of your own..but you will...
and imagine what they will think when they see this year of you.
what child as this much insight into their father's life?
youre a punk, youre funny, youre weird, youre you.
dont feel like you got to be funny.
this is the 05 experiment.
Blogger Jay Dedman, at 7:48 am  
They're Matzoh crackers. Thanks for making me laugh today. :)
Blogger Zadi, at 7:27 pm  

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