Saturday, March 05, 2005

Argh! Convert!

Ok, I still cant get yesterday video to convert to Quicktime. I've even tried making it half the video size. I'll keep trying.

Ok, Im gonna go film today's video.
posted by Ian at 5:47 pm


Ian, surely, u have failed the 05 project?, u haven't put a video up before 12 am,
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:48 am  
Nope. Your probably talking about the quicktime version not being up. I only have to put up one version of the video a day. i dont actually have to do the quicktime ones. i just do them for the people using macs...or the people who just prefer quicktime.

I need to get that quicktime video up sometime. i just tried converting it again and it wouldnt let me...

blah, i need a new harddrive.
Blogger Ian, at 1:36 am  
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