Monday, February 07, 2005

What The Hell (Part 1)

argh. ---edit--- Damn, Im annoyed at myself. I didnt check the time until like 3 or 4 minutes to the deadline. I manage to post the WMV with like 10 secs to go. But that's only because it's a small video. If it was like 3 mb or bigger it wouldnt have uploaded in time and i would have failed. Your probably thinking, im completely obsessed with this project to be pissed off at myself for almost missing the deadline. But i've hardly started this project yet. Im just 38 days of 365 days in and im already screwing up. Blah. This video is part one of 5 videos. I havent actually filmed them all yet. I've only done this one and the third one and i only have tomorrow to film the last 3. I bet I screw that up. Place your bets now.


posted by Ian at 11:59 pm


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