Friday, February 18, 2005

Slightly Drunk

Ok, So i have been drinking. Im just slightly drunk right now. I feel like i could run a mile. erm. We went to the shop and bought some Yu Gi Oh cards, and some cinderlla cards, oh and a dohnut. it was very amusing. Im gonna go.

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posted by Ian at 10:21 pm


what one gosh darn second.
how old do you have to be to drink in the UK????
holy shit i'm sooo moving there.
even though i'm 25.

this is drunk videoblog number 2.
the offical count
though i'm drunk in all my vlogs
day and night so....
Blogger ryanne, at 1:33 am  
The legal drinking age in the UK is 18. Well, you have to be 18 to buy it. It's not exactly illegal to drink it in your house under 18.
Blogger Ian, at 2:27 am  
Holy crap that's funny!

Warm Fosters, not exactly the best beer to be drinking.

I want another video where you actually chug the thing!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:51 am  
love the laugh....
ian is drunk!!!
you could never do this in a text post.
Blogger Jay Dedman, at 7:15 pm  

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