Thursday, February 17, 2005

Outpost 17

So i wanted to do another toy video today. But this one has crappy voice overs. I didnt really have time to do a proper voice over, so i just did it all in one take with no script. It sucks. But it also seems kinda funny too. The voices dont stay the same too.
My converter is playing up again right now so that means the quicktime video will be up a little later then usual. I'll also add the video without an audio track later, so you can add your own and show me. I'll add all that infomation on how to do that later. (as in the next hour or so) Sorry quicktimers, I'll have it up asap. The quicktime version is up. Add your own voice overs? So, My voice over's sucked. So here's the soundless versions of my video, so you can add your own. Im almost certain nobody will do this. But it's an idea.
To record your own voice over's you should import one of the files above into either microsoft movie maker or imovie (or final cut pro?) and then narrate over the video. after you have done that just save it and then email it to me and i'll post it for you or you could just upload it yourself and post it on your own blog and link back to me... If you do, do a voice over email me and and tell me.

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posted by Ian at 11:36 pm


the voice overs are the best part dude.
so funny!!!!!!!

Blogger ryanne, at 1:29 am  
That was fucking hilarious! Make more please.
Blogger Verdi, at 4:15 pm  

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