Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Feeder Fan

OK, I havent got enough time to edit the video i filmed today so im putting up a preview of it. This still counts as a video. As i have to put up a video a day. But im only putting this up so i dont fail the project. I do have a raw uncut straight from the camera version but it's 25mb in WMV and it'd be double that in quicktime. It also doesnt include the footage my friend kai filmed so thats why im not putting that version up.
Check back in a few hours and i'll add the full version of this video. (oh i know the text i did at the start is really fast. i'll fix that) Fixed. - Edit - I finally finished editing the footage and this is the full video. It's about 12 minutes long. So the file will take longer then my other videos to download (or stream).
As always, the quicktime version is double the file size. So it's taking a while to convert and it'll take a while to upload too. So if it doesnt work just yet. check back later. Actually i might upload it later on today. It's 4.54am right now. i've had no sleep yet. Im gonna go now. when the 'here' on the full version's quicktime link doesnt have a line through it, it means it's up. The Quicktime version is now up. About time...

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alllmost midnight! keep at it you can do it! ;)

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