Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Emotional Speed Limit.

It's great to post a video with more then 3 minutes to go until the deadline. Now I can relax and chill out now. Although, I still have 3 videos to make for next week.
I need to add an about page. I'll do that tonight.

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posted by Ian at 5:54 pm


hilarious how your mother mentioned not wanting to get a speeding ticket. have your parents declared you insane yet?
Blogger dltq, at 7:46 pm  
Well, She couldnt have got a speeding ticket anyway. It wasnt a speed camera. It was just there to tell you to slow down if you were going over 30mph. (There's a school just down that road.)

They havent used that word. But my mum thinks im something along thoses lines. They both know i have to film everyday. So when i mention what im going to film or have filmed they do think im insane. Although my mum has watched 'Emma's Video' and 'Experimental Spiderman' and said she loved them.
Blogger Ian, at 1:55 am  
I LOVE those little smiley face things. I honestly think they are more effective than the other money making, sorry I mean speed control things they have. The little sad face makes you feel a bit guilty. We've got signs that tell you to slow down here too and they are pretty effective.

Speed cameras don't do squat as you don't know about them until you see a flash....
Blogger Macgyver, at 3:08 pm  

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