Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bully Bands

I originally posted this on my other site, No Service Charge, Last year. "A campaign was launched by Radio 1 at the beginning of the anti-bullying week on November 21. A campaign that involved free blue wristbands for anyone who wanted to show they don’t tolerate bullying. Many well known celebrities wore them too. Hell, that’s what made them worth wearing. The campaign backfired. The kids who decided to wear them started getting bullied because of wearing the bands and the kids who were already getting bullied probably thought they’d become magically immune to it whilst wearing one." Now hopefully, you will get what the hell this video is about.
I spoke to Ryanne and Jay on Skype today. That was cool and because of that, I now know what im gonna do for tomorrow's video. I bet i screw this up..


posted by Ian at 5:29 pm


Oh man, that's messed up. Seems like if they would have thought through that one for a few minutes they could have predicted that.
Blogger Verdi, at 10:11 pm  
well, that was probably some genius shrinks idea. Of course, it's not the bullys fault cause they are just miss understood and need your love and effection. Nothing to do with them being little shits. no....
Blogger Macgyver, at 10:19 pm  
what they realy need is 60,000 volts up their ass but we best not get our hopes up.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:25 pm  

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