Friday, January 07, 2005

Sorry about this.

Ok im sorry about this video that you're about to watch. I filmed 2 things today. BOTH came out really dark even though i had all the lights on in the room. (that's 3 main lights and 2 little ones.) So with 30 minutes to go. I just had to find a video on my computer and just use that. This was it:
Yep. That was it. 12 seconds long. That's all. I have quite a few ideas for things i want to do for this blog. But i cant really do them until i get my other video camera sorted. You're probably thinking that's just an excuse now. It's not. Hopefully you'll come back tomorrow after watching that.


posted by Ian at 11:27 pm


love it.
no apologies ever for short videos.
p.s. i HATE wmv on mac it is the worst!! it's all choppy and pixely.
i want crystal (oh well, compressed will do) clear quicktime ian.
can you do it?
Blogger ryanne, at 1:03 am  

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