Friday, January 14, 2005


This video isnt the second video for the 3 part 'A day in the life of Ian'. This is just another video.

Right now im coming up with loads of ideas for future videos. I have also decided im gonna make a 'mockumentry' based on something I wrote last year. It could be good. This could be a good year.

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posted by Ian at 10:24 pm


Clean your windows desktop, man. Too many icons. Its starting to look like mine.

See you.

~aaron @
Blogger A.O. Flores, at 12:11 am  
Would you believe me if i said that was clean at the start of the week? I need to get more organised...

Thanks for commenting.
- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 12:17 am  
Im loving this series.
who's recording?
i want more.
(and quit amking me download these WMV's.)
for fucks sake.

Blogger Jay Dedman, at 2:10 am  
are you the most biggest loser out your friends. i mean whats with you hello
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:31 am  

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