Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Orange Juice P.O.V.

So i started making today video with scrabble letters and then i went to go get some orange juice. That's why today's video is like this. (the scrabble stuff will probably be used another time)
If you dont know what P.O.V is. It stands for 'Point Of View'. It's through the person's eyes, what their thinking and so on.


posted by Ian at 6:15 pm


i dont think you even need the music.
id like to hear some what is the person thinking at that moment.
maybe do a voice over....
youre breaking new ground here:
Ian of the POV series.

Blogger Jay Dedman, at 6:05 am  
Yeah, i was thinking of doing voice over for this video. But i decided it kinda short. I will do thought P.O.V video soon though.
Blogger Ian, at 4:18 pm  
Hi ian, like your webby, how did you do the P.O.V. shot? did you stick the camera in your mouth? hehe :)

I like the project idea, best of luck to you! I'll be watching!

Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:52 am  

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