Sunday, January 09, 2005

No Budget Style.

Today I decided to go basic on the video. Who needs cool effects anyway?
Im not taking the piss out of any other video bloggers in this video. It's just my version of the things they can do. Just with a very low budget... I finally sorted the feedburner. (I think) and i added a paypal donation link. No i havent sold out. Im not gonna plaster the site with ads. That's all you'll see. It's just there for the people who want to donate. Im not forcing you at gun point or anything. Even if i dont get any donations at all through out the whole year. You'll still see a new video here every day. You dont owe me anything. I guess i kinda owe you in a way, just for checking out this video blog. Tomorrow's my first day back at college. It looks like im gonna have to get back in a routine again. This past week i've been going to sleep around 3/4am and getting up at around 3/4 pm. I havent really seen daylight. (it still get's dark early you see.) EDIT: Use this link below for my feed. Feedburner is being annoying. RSS FEED Link. Thanks, Josh for helping.

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posted by Ian at 11:06 pm



You have a very good videoblog. I've been a fan of rocketboom for some time now, so I'm glad to add another videoblog to my daily check-list. do you host your videos? I'm trying to find a free source, preferably, but at the moment...well, it's like finding maple syrup in the desert.

Blogger Troy, at 11:50 pm  
I've added your feed to my podcast app, I look forward to checking this out every day.

Great project!
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:22 am  
you're mad.

good luck :)

Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:44 am  
Hey Troy,

Thanks for commenting. I use my own hosting that i paid for to host my videos.

Im not sure on free video hosts...I havent really been looking for those.

Thanks for commenting everyone. it means alot.

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 3:21 am  
Duh. I thought you meant "No Budget" as in you actually having no budget for this stuff. That explains my Typepad ad on the vlogging-list. Sorry about that :)

I really enjoy your posts, and I will be sending a few £ your way whenever I feel like it / can afford it / want to prioritize it. Feel free to ask for donations for specific stuff. Like "This month I am fundraising for X equipment that will let me do Y and Z, and if you want to help me out, go right ahead". Not meaning that I wont support you if your £ go for cans of coca-cola but I think it will be easier for some folks to donate if they know what it goes for. Looking forward to the future vlog entries. Oh, and once launches you will most likely be able to host your videos at the Internet Archive for free. Your content is all original it seems, so it would be perfect for the IA.
Blogger dltq, at 7:00 am  
i love the "green screen" sign in the background.

dont be afraid to ask for donations.
esp for specific things sure.

show us around your neighborhood, show us your family.
Blogger ryanne, at 2:32 pm hosts video for free. If bandwidth or server space becomes an issue, you may want to check them out. Great job so far!
Blogger Quirk, at 4:11 pm  

oh man that's funny.
i like the music tracks especially.
Blogger Chuck Olsen, at 6:02 pm  

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