Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Year. New Blog.

So it's now 2005 and start of this blog. I haven’t really done much today, seeing as I woke up at 3.30pm. So I guess I’ll just talk about yesterday, as that was a more eventful day. I got up. Got showered and went up the city with my mum and my sister. We went into this shop called republic to change some jeans over that my sister had bought. It was pretty packed in there. After that shop and about 10 other clothes shops they wanted to go in I finally got to a shop that I wanted to go in. I managed to buy paint shop pro 9 for just £49.99 (it was marked £69.99) so I was pretty happy about that. You might be thinking why buy it? Just download it. Well I pretty much use it everyday, (well, psp8) so I thought I might as well buy it. After that we went into a few other shops and then we went home. A pretty exciting day so far eh? I thought something was happening for New Year, so I was pretty annoyed to find out that nothing was happening. So after a while I decided that I would order a pizza and try to get as drunk as possible. (Not on pizza...) I've never had a hangover. No matter how much I drink, I never get one. I normally just wake up feeling great the next day. So it's kind of a reverse hangover I guess. So my aim was to get a hangover. It didn’t really work out. My friend Jake decided to come round and I just talked to him for a while and still drank but it wasn’t really enough to get drunk. So after a while I just gave up. Have you ever said something funny to a bunch of people and then a second later someone asks you what you said and you don’t want to repeat it because it won’t be funny? Well, that happened a few times last night... I'll do some video entries soon. I was checking out my dad's digital video camera and i just have to buy a lead to hook it up to the computer. I have my own digi cam, but it doesnt record sound. The lead is only £6 on ebay.(including P&P) Im just £6 short. Apparently, I only have 39p in my account. I didnt think it stayed open if it was under a pound. This is a bad video. (done on webcam) but I think i should probably link it just for the hell of it. If your wondering why i look out of it. it's because i done this about a week ago at like 3 in the morning. Check it out below: Ok. Im gonna end this entry now. Oh and if your wondering, I didnt have a hangover.

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posted by Ian at 7:05 pm


Hey Ian--

Ryan and I just watched your video.
fucking funny.
you know what youre doing....
so keep it up.
youre not alone.

have you seen our videoblog reader at
and for presentation sake...put a stille frame in your bllog that links to the video.
just looks better.

Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:47 pm  
Hi Jay,

I glad you both liked my video. That's actually my first. So i wouldnt really say i know what im doing.

I Just added a still to the entry and yeah it does look better.

It's kinda weird, cause i was checking out your site today. I love the call-in show videos.

Yep, i've seen me-tv. i've just signed up.
Blogger Ian, at 12:31 am  
yes, i think this video is hilarious.
very smart.
less text next time.
i'm biased.
i like text
but i LOVE video.
(don't listen to me)
Blogger ryanne, at 9:46 pm  
lol. that was so funny.

it would have been hilarious if the 5 months later part would have had you in a different set of clothes... or the same set, only rumpled and dirtier (you know that 'been in front of the computer - dazed for 5 months" look.) :)

looking forward to seeing more! keep it up.

Blogger Zadi, at 6:35 pm  
wow, that's such a great idea. i was planning on tweaking that video anyway. If i redo the video i'll use those ideas. Thanks for commenting.
Blogger Ian, at 6:44 pm  

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