Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Driving Lesson #4

Today i had my 4th driving lesson. They're all 2 hour lessons. So that's 8 hours now. On the first lesson i couldnt steer propery. 3 more lessons later, Im still crap at steering. I am getting better though. Anyway, here's a video about my 4th lesson:
I also wanna show you an image i took about 7 months ago on my digi cam. I havent edited this at all. oh, I did resize it. That's all though.
It's a picture of my tv downstairs. I just moved the camera quickly to the side, while i was taking the picture and that's how it turned out. Pretty cool eh? EDIT: I just realised the sound on the video might be a little off. It's really quiet and makes me sound kinda posh. Im not posh. It's just the dodgy sound...

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posted by Ian at 4:33 pm


i love this video.
the opening shot is wonderful.

a couple things.
your vocal audio is so low i can't hear it compared to the music.

your file downloads to my desktop instead of just playing from your site.

put your website as a title at the end so if people see this through other blogs/sites they'll know where it is from.

great work.
these videos are a lot of fun

Blogger ryanne, at 3:00 pm  
i like how you use music in your vids - (but like ryan said, when the music comes in it's deafening cause i've turned to volume up so much to hear you speaking - eek). i also like your blog cause you use British words like "dodgy" and "posh". good luck with the driving and all!

Blogger LeslyePJ, at 3:16 pm  
Thanks for the comments.

Sorry about the sound on this video. Im not sure what happened to it.

Oh and about the video's downloading, I'll sort that out soon.
Blogger Ian, at 11:01 pm  

you need a camera you can carry around.
or i want you to have one.
just get a cheap ass digital still camera that takes little movies.

i want to see farther outisde yur room.
just steal one.
ask Ryanne how to do it.

Blogger Jay Dedman, at 2:14 am  

I do have a digital video camera (no cable yet) and a normal digi cam that records short soundless movies (which i've been using)...

I've mentioned it on this blog too. on the second video i posted. the one that's outside. (emma's video)

Im just waiting on the cable to come in the post. It should be here next week. After i get that this video blog should get better.

Thanks for commenting.
Blogger Ian, at 4:34 am  

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