Saturday, January 29, 2005

A Day In...Great Yarmouth.

Today, I went to 'Great Yarmouth'. It was a once in a lifetime experience. As I wont be going back...
[quicktime link might not work right away. it's still uploading. Im really pushing it. but i have todays video up in one format.]

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posted by Ian at 11:51 pm


Why the flying fuck would you want to go to great yarmouth for in the first place? Its full of shitty arcades and old people! ;)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:46 am  
My parents wanted to go some place for the day and apparently that's the closest beach-like place to us. So we went there.

It sucks so much. Oh well, it did give me something to film.
Blogger Ian, at 12:53 am  
well, I did't know that cannon and ball were still working...

One thing dude, you need to do something about the music volume. The talking is really quiet and the music is really loud.
Blogger Macgyver, at 3:23 pm  
Yeah, I didnt really notice that as i have the 'wave' up kinda high in my volume settings. Also im using earphones. So i suppose i can hear it better.

Im not sure how to sort the sound after i've saved it. Can anyone help with that?
Blogger Ian, at 4:49 pm  

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