Thursday, January 20, 2005

Daily Life

Today, I did nothing. Yet I did something. It's weird when people say that 'I did nothing today.' You have to do something. This is what today's video is about.

It's meant to be silent. I'll add the quicktime version of this in 3 minutes. i need to post this now or i will fail the project. 

 I can finally convert these into quicktime now. Im gonna do that for every video tonight. (or at least by tomorrow) They turn out perfect when you convert them. Sometimes even better, Since I can now lighten the dark videos. I will still be posting the wmv version for the people who cant watch or just hate quicktime files. 

 I just got to think of how to set the video links out now. you know how I use that image to link to the video. Well because i dont really wanna add 2 big pictures. I just got to work out how i should link to them now. I might just have an image and then add 'WMV | MOV' under it. 

Wow. I have done 20 videos now. (21, if you include that outtakes video) It doesnt seem like it though. 11 more days and i have done the first month. :) Im probably gonna edit the look of this page soon too. 

 I should probably say thanks to Arron for telling me how to convert the files. Thanks!


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