Monday, January 17, 2005

Cooking With Ian...

I filmed this an hour ago. I didnt have a clue what to film today. I pretty much came up with this just 2 hours ago. I really have to get more organised.


As always it took me like a million takes to just get the starting line right. So i could probably have an outtakes video up in next hour or so. A huge thanks to Raymond for donating today. (the first donation!) You rock.

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posted by Ian at 11:45 pm


haha, you are welcome. I had hoped, though, that you would be doing some Pi math today, given the fact that I donated 3.14 £ ;) Great toast.
Blogger dltq, at 3:10 am  
Thanks Ian, that was great!
Blogger Verdi, at 4:39 am  
They don't have toaster's in Europe? :) I always love my toast black.

Aaron @
Blogger A.O. Flores, at 2:32 am  
Yeah, I could have used the toaster, But it takes the danger out of it...

- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 11:03 am  
who does the filming and bet u set dat up sum1 askin 4 josh
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:11 am  

Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:28 pm  

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