Tuesday, January 18, 2005

College: A Short Video about college...

I went to college today. It was a long day. This is a short video.

I plan to convert the videos I have done into quicktime soon. I'm gonna post in both formats soon. I have enough space for it and bandwidth isnt really an issue for me right now. I asked Aaron how he converted his videos and he told me he uses 'Sorensen Squeeze'. Can anyone point me in the right direction for this? I see it's *Only* $429.00. Does anyone wanna donate me $420.00? haha. Just kidding.


posted by Ian at 10:03 pm


Good Video,

Who are the guys in the blue jacket and the blue hat, they are both gorgeous.

Keep them going
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:57 pm  
who eva posted the post above r u a male or female? NO PEDOS
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:00 pm  
female, what do you think? lol
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:10 pm  
so not chattin u up lol but have u got msn? -posted by dan or chris of the vid...(bit of mystery)
Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:19 pm  
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Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:20 pm  
ian u should put the whole fing on here like out takes or wot eva i wana watch the whole fing even though sum is shit -dan
Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:15 am  

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