Thursday, January 27, 2005

Attempted Afternoon

Im losing it. I couldnt think of anything to film today. i had the whole day off and a friend to help film, but we both couldnt think of anything to do. This is what i could get from the stuff that we filmed today.
This was meant to be the second part to the morning video, but i dont really wanna include this now. I really need to start writing my video ideas down. I come up with alot when im at college. I have so much to do tonight. I still have a dvd to watch that i rented from Blockbusters yesterday. I should have some better things to film next week. One is where i go to london. that should be good.

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posted by Ian at 9:44 pm


how the fark can you be bored?

go out there, vlog your town/city/whatever. meet some girls, approach them and go with a sly grin: "I am a vlogging hero. Really. I am. Adore me" and watch their reaction. Film their reaction. Then run away with the camera and abuse the footage. mwahaha.
Blogger dltq, at 4:04 am  
you did it.
we all have those days where there is no insopiration and your life feels like a boring, piece of shit.
nothing cabn convince you otherwise.
but you did it anyway.
im telling may make january yet.
the 05 Project.
Blogger Jay Dedman, at 7:31 am  
never apologize.

and if anything
i loved seeing your garden in the day.

it's amazing that you post a video everyday.
Blogger ryanne, at 8:08 am  
Actually that really worked. As long as you don't end up with 300 videos like this it's all good. I've had writers block quite a few times but the benefits of using video is that you can actually film bugger all and stick it up, and it comes out entertaining.
Blogger Macgyver, at 3:26 pm  

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