Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The 05 Project.

This is the first real outside video here and I filmed it in my garden... Well, Im sure if i did this in the woods-like area near my house i'd be jumped or arrested. It's pretty scary in the dark too. Im not scared of the dark. Just dark woods-like places.
This should make up for yesterday's thrilling video...

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posted by Ian at 11:34 pm


Your aware your a crazy fool right? Keep up the good work man, it's been a laugh so far.

Should have saved this idea for Halloween though ;)
Blogger Macgyver, at 2:57 am  
yeah, if your garden's that dark, I wouldn't be going anywhere near those woods.
Blogger Adam, at 7:35 am  
Yo Ian--

ahve you done something different to your RSS feed?
eevr since "experiemental spiderman"...youre videos dont show up in me-tv.
let's figure out why ebcasue thats where i keep track of everyone's tsuff.
i really liked your dogma video a couple days back.

Blogger Jay Dedman, at 3:29 pm  
Hey all, Thanks for commenting.

I'll do something better for halloween.


I just realised that my feed has changed. It only picks up the videos in the link i posted a few entries ago. I'll link that on the side in the next five minutes.

Could you change my feed to this below?


- Ian
Blogger Ian, at 5:19 pm  
"what was that?"
"oh it's a birdhouse"
funny stuff ian.
Blogger ryanne, at 2:29 pm  

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